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White Polar Bear♥♥

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My name is Jack Frost. And I'm a Guardian.
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{off to eat and chill.}

ha get it?


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easter-pooka asked: "I knew it was a mistake to get the twins matching clothes." {cuZ HOLYFRICK}

“Oh come on Mrs. Kanga, can’t tell who is Roo?”

Jack smiled around the rim of his mug, leaning back against the closest counter while he held out the other matching set, piping hot and ready. His eyes flit away from Aster to watch the twins finish their breakfast, now that they’d completely demolished the toaster strudels they were finally paying attention to their milk, although competing to see who can blow the most bubbles through the bendy straws weren’t what they were intended for.

“I’m just waiting for the time they do have different outfits and start switching between them like on the Suite Life.” He paused, “-or go by the other name just to mess with us.” 

“Unless they already have.”

He wouldn’t admit it, hell-bent on trying to end up on top as Greatest Dad, but even he had doubts about whether which child was which when they were still in the assimilation phase. For all Jack knew, the little devils could have switched beds for the night so they could prank Papa when he got them up this morning. Maybe he should have gotten them two different superhero cups while he was at it instead of just Batman, but if one of them had Batman oh no, the other wanted Batman too, not Superman, not the Green Lantern, not the Flash, or even Wonder Woman. It had to be Batman.

 “Shit you’re right, matching clothes were a bad idea. We’re horrible parents.” Jack mumbled, setting his mug off to the side so he could roll up on the tips of his toes to steal a kiss. Which then of course led to another kiss and his arms wrapping around Aster’s neck so he could sigh happily in to the next one that followed. “I have a plan though, follow my lead.” The only reassurance he gave was a familiar confident grin that played at the corner of his mouth before he slid his hands down and around his lover’s waist to rip a few paper towels from the dispenser behind and stroll back to the table to clean up half the icing that made it everywhere else except on to the strudels.

“So, who wants to show Daddy how well they can spell their name with macaroni while Papa cleans up?” To which small hands rose up and lips caked with icing and artificial flavoring showed off their award winning smiles.

It was the beginning of a good morning for sure.

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Frosty Blue-1 by Nikon nokiN http://flic.kr/p/kQEHQv

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Snowbound by Atle Rønningen on Flickr.

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